Yoga Privates

Yoga Privates are a perfect way to start a yoga practice, or enhance a seasoned practitioner's understanding of the subtle intricacies of, "the art of yoga". Fundamentals can be covered with ease and patience.

Attention can be devoted to clarifying and perfecting techniques, which will save time in the long run, and help avoid risk of injury due to common simple misunderstandings.

People who have taken privates with Bradlee and Jennifer, see their practice change immediately. Those who begin their yoga practice with privates from them, feel safe & grounded from the beginning.

Yoga Privates make a great gift for friends or loved ones you've encouraged to try yoga, as people can be shy to start something they have little or no experience with.

Take the opportunity to improve your practice and see immediate results.

Yoga Privates $100 per hour
House calls: $150 per hour.

Contact Bradlee at 858-740-0070