Bradlee Frierott has been a certified massage therapist for almost 20 years. With an adept appreciation for efficient body movement and superior functionality, Bradlee's bodywork is excellent at targeting and alleviating discomfort, relieving injuries, soothing stress, and keeping you and your body on pace with an active healthy lifestyle. More than his touch, his insight and advice on living well, make sessions with him transformative in more ways than one. His discerning clients return again and again, and athletes consider his work part of their secret to success and longevity in their sport.

The benefits of massage are essential to a healthy life and lifestyle.
- eases sore muscles after vigorous workouts, reduces inflammation-aches-pain and speeds recovery. You are back in action!
- reduces the stress hormone cortisol; relaxes body systems, lowers blood pressure, improves general health.
- boosts neurotransmitters which improves mood, alleviates anxiety and depression. You are happy.
- decreases stiffness, improves range of motion often as well as healthy exercise and yoga.
- stimulates delta brain waves for improved deep sleep cycles. Ommmm...
- boosts immune system by stimulating cells respiratory function, releases accumulated toxins from body tissues and organs.
- increases alertness, revives energy levels, brainpower, thinking capacity and enthusiasm.
- can resolve headaches and neck shoulder tension, disabling effects of migraines.
- increases blood flow, encourages lymphatic drainage, metabolizes toxins and fluffs slack skin clearing way for nutrient rich blood to arrive to tired tissue.
- relieves PMS mood swings and bloating "stuck" fluid edema.
- relieves fatigue, pain, anxiety, lethargy, depression and nausea common in numerous disease states.
- Massage makes you happy!

$100 per hour with Bradlee
House calls: $150 per hour

Contact Bradlee at 858-740-0070