About Us


Bradlee Frierott

Bradlee Frierott began his search for health, spirituality & happiness as a young boy. When his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, he witnessed her struggle over 5 years, to find peace and clarity before passing. At university he began studying philosophy and world religions, impressed by Taoism and it's nature romance. He moved to Europe and continued studying and writing while he experienced living from other cultural perspectives. In 1994 Bradlee moved to Hawaii and began studying yoga and the healing arts. Between 1999 and 2004 he did extensive teacher training with Tim Miller, David Swenson and Richard Freeman and studied with other exceptional teachers in the USA.

In 2004-5 he lived in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tibet. He studied with Iyengar in Pune and Jois in Mysore. From classic yoga texts and intuition, Bradlee felt a deep well of material bubbling beneath the surface of the practice. He sought help and advice from teachers of the Dalai Lama, and other masters, finding a beneficent Swami in the Himalayas who introduced him to techniques and understanding he had been preparing for.

Bradlee enjoys helping people attain health and fulfillment and believes that with consistent effort our condition improves. He considers the style of yoga he teaches to be independent of any fixed school or approach. He believes the yoga itself guides our natural intelligence to develop which allows our greatest potentials to evolve. Working as a massage therapist and yoga teacher since 1999, Bradlee finds the two to have very similar objectives; to free the body of pain and dysfunction, resolve the mind's confusion and to help the spirit surface and thrive. He continues studying yoga privately, and under the influence of modern master, Andrey Lappa. In 2008 he began studying Chinese Medicine to deepen understanding of nature and the human body. Bradlee & Jennifer Frierott opened the Jade Dragon Yoga Shala in June of 2010. He continues his quest towards enlightenment with raising their three young children, surfing, cycling, snowboarding, gardening, cooking and having beautiful relationships with people like you.


Jennifer Frierott

In 2005, Jennifer Frierott graduated from SDSU with a B.A. in Women's Studies and Spanish where she specialized in cross-cultural motherhood. Jennifer believes that supporting pregnant women, new families, and babies is a lovely way to help the World become a better place. After graduation Jennifer held a Summer Yoga Camp for Kids at the Linda Vista Boys and Girls Club and has been teaching yoga ever since. In 2006 she completed a year long 200hr RYS Teacher Training with yoga therapist, Kathy Lee Kappmeier author of Instructing Hatha Yoga. Jennifer was also certified to teach pre & post-natal yoga and to work as a doula by Kappmeier.

Jennifer met Bradlee Frierott in 2006 while they were teaching at the same studio in San Diego and she began to experience a revelation in her practice. In 2007 she was inspired to travel to India to study with yoga's lineage masters. After a month long Viniyoga intensive at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Madiram in Chennai, she went to Mysore to study with a yoga therapist who taught the art of teaching yoga to individuals, knowing students by name, understanding their conditions and helping them improve their lives physically, mentally and spiritually through the practice. Bradlee has been her most influential teacher since she began practicing in 1999. The amount of time he has put into the philosophy and nuances of the practice communicates in his teaching. What impressed her most is his ability to fine tune anyone's practice to greater efficiency and effectiveness. If you can let go of ego, be receptive to change, hear without defensiveness, yoga how he teaches will transform you.

In 2008, pregnant with their first child Jennifer completed a 2nd prenatal teacher training with Jane Austin in San Francisco. She wanted to learn as much as she could to manifest her desire to experience an unmedicated water birth. Jennifer and her husband Bradlee, are now blessed with three healthy children, each born naturally at Best Start Birth Center, and they know that their yoga practice has helped them through the challenges of labor, delivery and new parenthood. Teaching yoga to women that empowers positive birthing experiences is the Mission of HIPMamaYoga. Jennifer Frierott is available for Privates Yoga Lessons, Bodywork, Baby Shower/Blessingway Ceremony, Doula Services, and Teachers Continuing Education.